Powered Seating Boxes


Powered Seating Boxes

Hubbell’s On-the-Go Powered Seating Boxes fulfill customers’ need for power accessibility. As the use of electronic devices has increased, the demand for  Charging has followed. Powered Seating Boxes provide an easy means of charging user’s devices while meeting custom space requirements.

Seating boxes can easily be attached to waiting area seating arrangements, conference tables, lecture halls, anywhere convenient power is needed.


  • Fast charging speeds delivering up to 5 Amps of 5 volt DC USB charging power
  • Green power LED provides visual indication of power to the devices
  • Push to reset circuit breaker—trip electronically and reset manually
  • Smooth insertion tamper-resistant devices provide an extra level of safety to your customers
  • Overcurrent protection—12 Amp string and 5 Amp AC output individual module protection
  • Security Torx-screw minimizes the potential for customers to open or tamper with units
  • Hardwired permanently connected power and interconnecting cords
  • Available with heavy-gauge durable powder coated steel mounting bracket
  • Rugged satin aluminum construction body with impact-resistant polycarbonate end caps

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