Healthcare Facility Outlet Assemblies


Healthcare Facility Outlet Assemblies

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is proud to be the first manufacturer to bring the healthcare industry a UL 2930 Health Care Facility Outlet Assembly (HCOA). UL 2930 HCOAs are intended for use in patient care areas of hospitals, assisted living centers, medical offices and urgent care centers. With safety in mind, Hubbell’s patented Tamper-Resistant Hospital Grade Receptacles are additionally protected by tamper-resistant flip covers that restrict access to the receptacle without the right

tool or key. This safety feature prevents unauthorized use of the HCOA plug strip, into which sensitive electronics may be plugged.


Hubbell’s HCOA products are constructed with a heavy duty metal housing allowing the HCOA to stand up to rigorous medical use. These assemblies are available in 15A and 20A with cord lengths of 6 or 15 feet. The 15A model has a 45-degree angle plug and the 20A model has 90-degree angle plug so when plugged in, the assembly plug does not block the additional outlet in a duplex receptacle. Hubbell HCOAs are also available with L-N surge protection or as non-surge protected relocateable power taps. Surge-protected models include a green LED that illuminates when surge protection is functional.


“There is no other HCOA product currently on the market that meets the new UL 2930 standard,” says John McFarland, senior director of commercial marketing for Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems. “With our customers’ needs and requests always in mind, Hubbell is pleased to develop this new line of UL 2930 HCOA devices that is suitable for use in patient care areas of any healthcare facility.”


Details of the new UL 2930 standard are conveniently printed on the back of the new Hubbell UL2930 Healthcare Facility Outlet Assemblies UL1449 Heavy Duty Surge Protection Devices brochure or on UL’s public website.

Brochure | White Paper on The Restricted Use of Plug Strips in Patient Care Areas