Hose and Cable Protection Systems


The AccessTrak® ramping system is a modular cable protection product that enables users to be ADAAG (American Disabilities Act Accessibility guidelines) compliant and limits the exposure of cables and hoses to people
and light vehicles passing over those cables and hoses. AccessTrak is an  expandable five channel system that will protect cable and hose diameters up to Hose & Cable Protection1.31 inches (33.0mm). For applications requiring more than five channels,
AccessTrak can be expanded by width. In addition, AccessTrak is interlocking and expandable by length to protect cables and hoses of any length. The AccessTrak ramping system provides a safe, flexible means of protecting
cables and hoses in areas requiring ADA compliance.

Hubbell TrukTrak® non-metallic cable protectors are designed to safeguard electrical cables and cords from vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
The TrukTrak interlocking system comes in two, three and five channel sizes and will protect cables up to 3.25 inches (82.6mm) in diameter. It is ideal for the industrial environment where it is necessary to support heavy trucks and
fork lifts.

TredTrak® non-metallic cable protectors can also be interlocked to protect cables and cords of any length. The TredTrak system is a five channel modular cable protection system that will protect cable diameters up to 1.28 inches (32.5mm). It is designed to support pedestrian and light vehicle traffic in public, institutional and commercial applications. The Hubbell modular cable protection line also permits compliance with NEC®
requirements (Article 525) for insulating electrical cables and cord at carnivals, amusement parks, convention centers and similar public areas.

ProTrak™ non-metallic single channel cable protectors are suitable for lightweight vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Available in both black and yellow.
The drop over PROTRK115 series can accommodate up to 0.75 inches (19.0mm), while the PROTRK140 can handle up to 1.50 inches (38.1mm). The hinged covered PROTRK1225 series can accommodate up to 0.75 inches (19.0mm). A unique tread surface provides maximum traction. ProTrak™ cable protectors can be interlocked as a single color run or as a yellow and black run.

FloorTrak® is a flexible, non-metallic cover for cables that run over the floor when portable cords and cables cannot be concealed or routed away from traffic patterns. FloorTrak protects, organizes and reduces trip hazards. Four different sizes mean it will handle cables of up to 1.25 inches (31.8mm) in diameter. FT2, FT3 and FT4 are available in five PVC colors to blend with the various decors.
FT10 is available in black and yellow colors only. The F10 Heavy Duty FloorTrak is ideal for applications such as industrial work areas, food processing plants and abusive areas where cable management is necessary.