Circuit-Lock® Motor Disconnects with Jog Switch


Hubbell Disconnects with integral Jog switch are another addition to the Circuit-Lock® family of switched enclosures.

Consistent with our standard Circuit-Lock® Disconnectenclosures, they are designed to withstand

harsh environments with exposure to water, chemicals, oils and frequent wash downs. Enclosures are UL Listed Type 4X, 12 and IP69k and available in Non-Metallic or Stainless Steel.

The Three Position Jog Switch (TEST, OFF and RUN) Provides Users:

• Cost Savings by utilizing existing space in the motor disconnect enclosure reducing parts and labor costs.

• Convenience by having point of use control circuit to PLC within line of sight of the motor

• Added Safety by allowing maintenance personnel the functionality to “Try Out” after LO/TO

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