Hubbell 200A Disconnect Switches


200AWe are pleased to announce the launch of the 200A Disconnect which is the latest addition to the Circuit-Lock® family.  The UL 98 switches are available in either non-metallic or stainless steel enclosures and have many of the key features Hubbell disconnects have become known for; highly visible OSHA compliant LO/TO handle, Type 4X environmental ratings, accepts up to two auxiliary contacts and robust HP ratings.


  • UL 98 Rated Switch
  • Non-Metallic and Stainless Steel
  • Type 4X, 12
  • Accepts up to 2 Auxiliary Contacts
  • Highly Visible Red Rotary, OSHA compliant LO/TO Handle
  • Unable to Remove Cover in the On Position
  • 200KA SCCR Rating when protected by a Class J Fuse

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