New Heavy Duty Specification Grade TR Receptacles


Hubbell Heavy Duty Spec TRHubbell Wiring Device-Kellems is pleased to announce an all new line of Tamper Resistant receptacles. Specifically designed to provide top of the line receptacle performance, with the most user-friendly TR shutter, these new receptacles are truly best in class!   The extra heavy duty TR receptacle was designed specifically for the demanding needs of schools and universities, these receptacles can be recommended for all TR applications.

New! Tamper Resistant Mechanism

Tamper-Resistant, NOT Plug Resistant!

These receptacles incorporate a patented, Hubbell-exclusive, two-stage, TR mechanism that works this way: plug blades push open two doors in the receptacle face.  The doors are attached to cams.  When both doors are opened at the same time, the cams activate a sliding gate that moves out of the way allowing the blades access to the electrical contacts.  The timing of the two-stage, cam operated, TR mechanism eliminates plug friction and with it, complaints and call backs from frustrated users trying to plug something in.  These new TR shutters just work better.  

Product Design and Features

These new Fed-Spec listed HBL Tamper Resistant devices are constructed with materials, and attributes, common to institutional specifications.  They are “Assembled in USA” from domestic and imported parts and are “Buy America Act” and NAFTA compliant. The brass mounting strap with copper riveted brass ground contacts provides a strong, low resistance ground path.  The stainless steel auto-ground insures that there is ground continuity between the self-tapping/thread-cleaning mounting screw, the mounting strap, and the metal wall box. Side and back wired, Triple-wipe, 688 brass alloy, power contacts insure a reliable electrical connection in demanding institutional applications.  The impact resistant, smooth nylon face, with circuit ID marking area, has a clean finished appearance without molded letters on the face that collect dirt.  The wrap-around mounting strap incorporates five serrated barb features, one in the center, and two at each end of the receptacle, permanently locking the bridge to the cover.  The face is locked to the base in four separate snap locations.  

A customer drawing, PPTs and other technical, training and code information is available on the Distributor Corner, or ask your Hubbell salesperson for more details.

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